FIZYO is an App based Physical Therapy service that connects patients with qualified physiotherapist at your doorstep.

FIZYO pursues to improve the health and quality of life of individuals in society by providing high quality physical therapy services and by increasing the awareness and understanding of physical therapy’s role in the nation’s health care system.

Our Vision

Transforming the health status of the society by incorporating movement to improve the functional level of an individual.

Directions To Achieve The Vision

Providing Health Care Professionals at Door Step

FIZYO will provide highly qualified, trained and professional physiotherapist at your doorstep. We will be using the support of technology to build a platform for the physiotherapy market that stands for its quality.

Providing Specialist

“Everybody cannot treat everything”. Specialists are necessary to treat the specific conditions and problems. FIZYO will provide specialist in Physical Therapy. As Neurological Physical Therapist will treat, the conditions related to the neurological dysfunction. These specialists are qualified and experienced in their domains.

Proper Prognosis &Feedback

FIZYO is aiming to provide a prognosis of the disease that an individual is facing this will help individual to cope with the situation and continuous feedback will increase his adherence towards the rehabilitation program.

Educating Individuals & Spreading Awareness about Physical Therapy

FIZYO aims to increase the awareness about the Physical Therapy, through conducting seminars, publishing articles about the conditions encountered by physical therapist via website, blog and application.

What our clients says!

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We promised to take care… and delivered